Major Milestones

  1. 2003: WizEdit (now retired), a fully extensible programmers' editor developed for own use.
  2. 2004: WizCrypt (now in maintenance) was one of the first serious attempt at OpenSource development. This was a encryption tool developed for protecting @subwiz's secrets.
  3. 2007: 1.0 release of RESTClient. Developed for testing RESTful WebServices at a failed startup by @subwiz and late Ravi Subramaniam.
  4. 2013: Two books published.
  5. 2014: Commercial offerings of products made available. StaGen, the static site generator is released. home page is maintained using StaGen. was inspired by the success of @subwiz started contributing to OpenSource projects around 2003, and the domain was registered couple of years later.